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The patho-physiology continuum demonstrates the spectrum from death to health. You can see by looking at this graph that medicine is primarily disease care and chiropractic is primarily health care. There is a broad area of overlap where collaborative care can be provided. The focus of medicine is at signs and symptoms where we enter the field. Chiropractic focuses on the subluxation, the point where we become overwhelmed. The subluxation causes nerve insult which causes inappropriate responses resulting in dysfunction which eventually results in signs and symptoms.


As we move to the right of subluxation we enter the field of health. The further to the right we go the healthier we are and the healthier we are the more we can deviate from health without becoming overwhelmed (subluxated).


When we move to the right of subluxation we increase our health, broaden our horizons and have more latitude to live life. He who has his health has 1000 dreams and he who doesn’t has one.

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