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A subluxation is a disturbance in your body that interferes with your flow of energy and information. Ideally we are conscious beings and our energy is light (lux). When we are overwhelmed some of our conscious energy (lux) is converted into tension and stored in the body (sublux). When we adjust a subluxation the tension is released and the energy goes back into our vital body, the energy field that activates our material body, where it can be channeled into our work and play.


The good news is your body is on your side. It’s always trying to correct itself. If it can it will, but if it can’t it must compensate. over time the compensatory patterns pile up until we become racked up and jammed. At this point we must break up the log jam so the body can continue to correct itself.


KST (Koren Specific Technique) is a technique that easily and gently breaks up the log jam by lightly tapping on precise locations in specific sequence determined by body indicators. This allows the body to immediately resume self correction.


SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique) is a technique that utilizes  wedge shaped blocks strategically positioned under the body to allow gravity to gently pull the body back into proper alignment. I use instruments (arthrostim and vibrocussor) to increase joint mobility and release muscle tension to facilitate this process.


I address spinal, cranial and extremities function. I focus on all five bodies and integrating their function: material, vital, sensory, intellect and soul.

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