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The underlying nature of an organism is to develop structure to serve function. When we injure ourself we alter structure which results in altered function. If allowed to heal in this dysfunctional state it will continue to degenerate. Abnormal function over time is degeneration.


Rehabilitation involves restoring normal structure and function, stabilizing weakened structures until they regain their integrity, and allow to heal maintaining normal function. Then you heal with normal structure to support that function and continue to improve over time.


There are two things going on all the time one is degeneration and the other is regeneration. As long as regeneration has the long end of the stick we’re okay. When degeneration gets the long end we go downhill fast. This is when we must tip the balance back to regain our health. When degeneration dominates and we look into the future we see the walls closing in and impending doom. This leads to fear, anxiety, insomnia and depression. When regeneration dominates time  is on our side. When we look into the future we see the light at the end of the tunnel getting bigger and brighter. Fear and anxiety disappear.

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