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In 1976, Dr. Ehret was involved in a serious auto accident. He received chiropractic care and realized firsthand the benefits of treating biomechanical problems biomechanically.


He noticed the tension he was holding in his body and then began to notice it in everyone.


Later, when he was introduced to chiropractic philosophy, he found it to be consistent with yoga and Tai Chi philosophy, which encouraged him to pursue a career as a chiropractor.

Dr. Ehret is a neuro-musculoskeletal professional who specializes in full spine, cranial, and extremity adjustment.


He utilizes both hand and instrument adjusting to rehabilitate injuries, arrest and reverse degeneration, and boost wellness.


Ehret Chiropractic was established in 1986.

About Dr. Ehret


"My purpose is to help restore and maintain the health of my patients. My practice is based on a spirit-mind-body concept of health. I utilize chiropractic adjustments and other techniques that enhance the body's own recuperative, regenerative, and restorative powers. I also educate patients to the disease-health continuum so that they can cooperate in the healing process."


-- Richard D. Ehret, D.C.

Spirit-mind-body integration