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Whether you're struggling with an injury, back pain, or headache, Ehret Chiropractic has 30 years of experience in reducing and even eliminating pain.

As a neuro-musculoskeletal specialist, Dr. Richard Ehret utilizes techniques that ease your pain and reverse degeneration.

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My approach to health care

Whenever we are overwhelmed our body goes into a defensive posture to protect itself. When the situation passes ideally we come back to neutral but often we get stuck in that posture. The tension stored in the body is like a memory of the experience and as long as it remains we keep reacting as if that moment is still happening.


The way we maintain a state of ease is by responding appropriately to what is. What is is the present moment. Responding to anything else produces a relative state of disease.

Chiropractic adjustments help release the tension that binds our consciousness to the past, erasing the memory and allowing our consciousness to return to the present moment.  Periodic chiropractic adjustments can help keep body tension to a minimum, consciousness present, and facilitate maintaining a state of ease.

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